Apr 2,2013

March 23 - April 1st

Spring break was pretty good to me this year ! :) Started off my break with Breakthrough 2013 and let me just restate that the experience was amazing ! Then on Monday I went to Six Flags with some of my friends and had an amazing time !!! I missed that adrenaline rush !! Then on Thursday I went to Country Waffles with my friends and went Laser Tagginnngggg afterwards which was super funnn. On Saturday I hung out with Imelda and we went to BJ’s to eat amazing food from the 2 for $20 which was bombAF hahah. Then I just chilled at her house and yeahhhh. Hanged out with my cousins over the weekend and today I just finished my CSC paper thats due tomorrow. Overall this Spring Break wasn’t the BEST but it was sure something ! haha 

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Mar 28,2013

March 27, 2013

Well today I woke up and literally all I did today was lay in bed watching Human Being US version. I watched 12 episodes today and I really like where they twist the whole story up. Its interesting and I’m getting hooked ! Its getting good and I’m about to watch the 3rd episode of season 3… just letting it load right now :) But anyways tomorrow I’m going to hang out with Imelda and mah mexican friends :) We’re gonna eat Country Waffles, hang out, then go laser tagging :D So that should be a fun day :) Alright byeeee

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Mar 26,2013

March 17-26, 2013

So I haven’t blogged in like a week or so… I’ve been super busy with midterms/papers/homework/studying and breakthrough practices !!! On Friday my best friend came home for break and we went out to SmashBurger for burgers and fries, then hanged out at the mall. Just a simple fun day before I went to my last dance rehearsal. Finally on Saturday we performed and it was the best feeling ever. To have one of my goals accomplished means so much to me. I’ve always wanted to compete in a big competition and here I am already accomplishing that goal. It felt so amazing to be on that stage as many teams and others cheered for us. Those cheers made me go 10x stronger and honestly I didn’t even feel that tired because I was so hyped !!! Anyways that was one of the best days of my life cuz it was amazing :) Yesterday I went to Six Flags with some friends and had an amazing time also ! Great way to start of Spring Break :) Went on so many rides and it was just awesome ! Spring Break has started off great and it felt good to be able to relax atm because I was so stressed last week ! D; haha but now that its over I can relax, kick back, and enjoy my break :D 

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Mar 17,2013

March 13-16 

I haven’t been blogging daily because I’ve been super busy and also our internet hasn’t worked for a few days. Anyways this whole week the costume committee and I went around so many places to look for group fits so we match and look cute hahah but honestly this is such a tough job because we have to shop in bulk and its hard to get every single size … anyways we found our fits ! anyways that basically what we have been doing lately and also been having dance practices. I’m kinda stressed and scared for this week because I have a midterm and then breakthrough practices… Idk how ima do on this midterm so fuckkkk ! D; anyways i gotta go and start on my essay D; 

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Mar 13,2013

March 12, 2013

So I went to class today and kinda like knocked out during class here and there and I felt so bad cuz the teacher saw me doing it too but I was just WAY too tired… anyways decided to go home and just relaxed because I was tired… went to Eco-Thrift by my house that just opened with my sis and went home got my stuff and headed back to school. Went to my Coms class and Wingstop afterwards with Celine, Jade, Ace, and Ale ! Then I went to practice and we had a group meeting and I finally built up the courage to tell them what I felt during last week and it felt good to bring it up and just let it out. Now I’m just going to focus on our new set and just be ready for Breakthrough. I’m going to practice 10x harder and I mean it this time… Although I have a paper and a midterm due next week Ima get that shit done asap so I can finish it ! Anyways I’m super tired and hungry gonna go coookkkk some food ! Byee ~

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Mar 12,2013

March 11, 2013

Today I woke up and had 30 minutes to go to school. Went to class and ended up ditching Anthro 3 again…. anyways hanged out with some of the mexicans at the union and also hanged out with my dance mates here and there. Decided to go home around 5 and eat ! I didnt spend moeny today which was a success… anyways I heard that my piece wasn’t chosen for breakthrough set, as much as it hurts me I gotta get over it and move on… Anyways went home and took a nap and now I’m working on my essay that is like taking forever to finish ! D; kk gtg back on working on my essay ! D; goodnight ! 

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Mar 11,2013

March 10, 2013

All I did today was nap and watch being human ! Finished the Final episode of Being Human UK and it was really good ! I wish they woulda continue the drama series because its such a good series but I guess not ! D; Anyways watched Walking Dead and it was alright once again… the show is slowly dying for me its not entertaining anymore its getting repititive… but anyways, ate hella food today and I finished my journal and evaluative essay. On track with the shit I gotta get done ! D; Anywayssss time to go to sleep, I got class in the AM tomorrow ! Nightttttt ! 

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Mar 10,2013

March 09. 2013

So today I woke up and did my homework… Only finished reading/annotating two articles and for the essays I’m going to do it tomorrow ! Anyways we watched Life Of Pi and it was such a good movie !!! Then at night we went to foods co and bought stuff for nachos and some ice cream :) ended the night watching being human. Today was just a chilll day at home, tomorrow is gonna be the same. I’m tired gtg sleeps bye ! 

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Mar 9,2013

March 08, 2013

Woke up today right at 12. Woke up with a new mentality… Went to the Well around 4 and worked with Kathleen and Vohn on my choreo submission piece and we finished it ! :D Ran and walked the mile at the Well. I actually think it might be good if I did that atleast 3 times a week but I have no one to do that with me D; Anyways we went to practice and showed our choreo submissions, talked about them, gave good notes on each others choreo, etc. After that we learned Robs piece. then ended the night with blocking chris’ under the sheets piece. Came home and went to Jack in The Box to get some late night food cuz I was starving ! & yeah that was my day ! :) 

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Mar 8,2013

March 07, 2013

Today started off with class and I ended up almost finishing another choreo submission piece.. chilled with friends and had a very fun time with some others playing Uno ! Anyways today at practice was not good… I thought I did hecka good but once again i’m placed in the back… I was very bummed out and honestly I wanted to cry… I was on the verge but I held everything in and just stayed quiet throughout all of practice… Then Rob comes in and talks about tomorrows schedule and Steph brough up the question “are we going to vote for who’s choroe to be in the set” and Rob says its the creatives decisions and I had to speak up and say that this should be a group vote because its a group competition… I left very angry and furiated. I haven’t been this mad in such a long time, and also wanted to cry so bad… Had a talk with Vohn and calmed down a bit… I’m just gonna end the night with a hot shower and sleep or watch being human. I need to relax… too many things going on at once… 

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